Alejandro Leal

Research Analyst
Stuttgart / Germany

Background and Education

Bachelor of International Relations and Security from Jagiellonian University in Poland and a Master of Technology Governance and Digital Transformation from Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia.

Professional Experience

Alejandro has gained professional experience doing research in cybersecurity think tanks, a cryptocurrency gaming brand, and the Mexican Embassy.

Alejandro joined KuppingerCole as a Research Analyst in December 2021. His main areas of expertise include digital transformation in the public and private sector, managing business in today’s geopolitical context, and governance in artificial intelligence and cyberspace.

Recent research

Executive View

HID Global Authentication Platform

In recent years, investment into cybersecurity has soared but, in most cases, these efforts have not fully addressed the reliance on passwords and the challenges they introduce. Without secure access to resources, businesses and organizations are at risk of suffering from phishing and social enginee

Executive View

Cymmetri Identity Platform

Cymmetri is a converged cloud-based IAM solution that facilitates verification, authentication, and authorization for employees, partners, contractors, and customers. The modern platform also makes the transition of legacy customers to the company’s cloud platform smoother and easier by…

Advisory Note

Vulnerability Management (How Do I Do It Right, Where Do I Start)

Vulnerability Management (VM) is a security practice that focuses on the process by which organizations identify, analyze, manage, and prevent the exploitation of IT vulnerabilities. If implemented successfully, a VM program has the potential to increase the overall security of the…

Leadership Brief

Why Vulnerability Management Is a Strategic Investment

Considering that the threat landscape is constantly changing, it is important to maintain a strong cybersecurity foundation. Organizations need security hygiene standards to increase security and readiness while preventing vulnerabilities from being exploited by adversaries. By introducing a…

Executive View

Micro Focus ArcSight

ArcSight is a modern SIEM solution that provides an advanced security analytics platform for storing, analyzing, and visualizing information from multiple sources and converting it into actionable intelligence. The ArcSight platform allows users to identify security threats, manage incident…

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