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Ralph Cruwys Advisor

Canberra / Australia

more than 35 years in Information Technology

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Roles & Responsibilities at KuppingerCole:

Ralph Cruwys joined KuppingerCole in 2016 as a Senior Analyst in the Asia Pacific team based in Canberra Australia; with responsibility for Cyber Security, Digital Transformation for Government & Health; Identity Cards and Federation & Trust Frameworks. Ralph holds a Top Secret (NV) Clearance from the Australian Government.

Background & Education:

Ralph has had more than 35 years experience in Information Technology with a primary focus working in Government, Defence &  Health.


Areas of coverage:

  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Transformation for Government & Health
  • Identity Federation and Trust Frameworks
  • Common Access Cards & Identity Card frameworks>

Professional experience:

Ralph has more than 35 years with an impressive body of work in the security process and identity domains. His experience across Government ranges from Defence, to large Government agencies such as Department of Human Services; and more recently with the Attorney Generals Department and Department of Health. Ralph has been associated with the architecting of a number of large enabling system projects, designing solutions, evaluating appropriate technologies and managing implementations.


Four major pieces of work Ralph was involved in was producing an Identity and Access Management Framework for the National Security Community (iAMNSC) (2010-2013)  for the Australian Government and developing the business requirement, writing the Request for Tender and evaluating Proposals for the Australian Department of Defence JP2099 Identity & Access Management Project as Project Lead with the development of a solution / security architecture and implementation approach which would enable an appropriate solution for the Australian Department of Defence.  

With the Australian Government Health Insurance Commission, he undertook the  preparation of a security architecture for the delivery of self-service capabilities to citizens and providers (doctors), evaluation of web service delivery technologies, and the design of the PKI based authentication system for providers. For the Australia Card (Australian Identity Card project) preparation of the high-level conceptual architecture for the project, evaluation of identity, credentialing and authentication technologies for the project, and preparation of the RFT documentation.

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