Andrea Beskers

Senior Project Manager Events
Wiesbaden / Germany

Andrea Beskers joined KuppingerCole’s Events Team as Project Manager in June 2021, with a focus on Content and Agenda. In March 2022 she was promoted to Senior Project Manager in Event Organisation.

She holds a Masters in Digital Humanities from the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. Prior to that, she was Project Manager for a telecommunications company in South Africa for 12 and a half years.

Recent blog posts


Curse and Blessing of Biometric Authentication

Everybody wants the benefits of biometric authentication but nobody wants to pay the potential privacy price. What is the risk for individuals and society at large? To address these challenges Mike Kiser, Director, Strategy and Standards at SailPoint, is giving a keynote speech New Face,…


Digitization to Dissolve Data Privacy

How can organizations prepare to maintain data privacy while using a multi-tenant cloud, managed service providers, and distributed data center environments? Anil Bhandari from Arcon will elaborate on this challenge in his Keynote   Digital Identity and Privacy: Stories from the…


Organizations Need a Dream IAM

Digital systems have become very complex, 95% of admins have too many permissions, and 76% of IT decision-makers are facing a skills gap. This is a recipe for disaster, so how do you fix it? Patrick Parker from EmpowerID will elaborate on this challenge in his Keynote  Model, Measure,…


Web 3.0 Creates a World Without Perimeters

Web and the metaverse is a trendy topic, so it is even nicer to enjoy a more nuanced view of the subject. An optimistic but still realistic sneek peak of our digital future. Katryna Dow from Meeco will elaborate on the challenges of Web3 in her Keynote The Omniverse SWOT on Thursday, May…


Human-Centric Identity - When Customers No Longer Tolerate a Bad UX

A poor user experience is increasingly becoming a no-go for customers, even to the point of them not buying a product. So a good user experience is a must, but how can you achieve that without neglecting security? Candace Worley from Ping Identity will elaborate on this challenge in…

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