Person details

John Bernhard Senior Advisor

Napier / New Zealand

Roles & Responsibilities:

John Bernhard has joined KuppingerCole, Asia Pacific Region in January 2018 as a Senior Advisor to provide Professional advisory services to KC clients with primary responsibility for Digital transformation for Government, IDAM reference Architectures, Security Frameworks in both New Zealand as a primary focus, but also clients across the Asia Pacific Region

Background & Education:

He has 19 years’ experience as an identity,  Access & Credential Management Enterprise Architect, and Solutions Architect in the Airline, Transport, Mining, Superannuation& Wealth,  Telecommunications and Insurance Industry sectors. He is known for his work on Frameworks, Governance, Guidelines & Standards. He has extensive working experience in developing and producing documents outlining Enterprise Security Framework for various companies (providing the blue print for the integration of Information, Strategy and Business Services), based on a number of different Industry Frameworks andStandards (e.g. ISO 27K, ISO 31K, COBIT, NIST SP 800 Series, PCI DSS).

Areas of coverage:

  • Digital Transformation for Government     
  • Identity, Access & Credential Management
  • IdAM Reference Architectures
  • Role and Attribute Based Access Controls and Access Control Management (ACM)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Security Frameworks (NeAF, PSPF, SICAM, FICAM, ISMS, SABSA and SIEM)
  • Privacy & Security of Private Data

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