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Warwick Ashford Senior Analyst

London / UK

Email    @Warwick_Ashford   

Warwick Ashford is a Senior Analyst who researches cybersecurity and identity-related topics, including emerging technologies and trends.

He has been writing IT news and analysis as a journalist and editor since 2003, specialising in cybersecurity and privacy since 2012.

Warwick has also worked as a freelance radio producer and broadcast journalist, writing and presenting news bulletins on national radio for the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Recent blog posts


Enabling digital engagement with GAIN

Digital engagement is a key driver of economic growth, but the lack of reusable, verified identities is a significant problem that needs to be solved. At present, there is no way for anyone to get a single, verified identity that can be used to interact with government services,…


Secure Collaboration

The world of working is changing – we are increasingly working collaboratively in teams, but members of those teams are no longer necessarily in the same office, location, or even the same organization. But all forms of collaborative work require team members to share data, and in the…


Security Automation

As the intensity and sophistication of cyber-attacks, and the complexity of business IT environments continue to increase amid an ongoing worldwide shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals and a growing number of data protection regulations, many organizations are looking to security…


Security Fabrics

Cybersecurity has never been more important or challenging. A worldwide shortage of people with the necessary cybersecurity skills is coinciding with increasing complexity of business IT environments and the further industrialization of the cybercrime industry alongside an increase in…


Identity Fabrics 2

In the digital era, being able to manage and control access to services, data and other resources by employees, partners, customers, and devices (things) is extremely important, and a key element of that is identity. Having a comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) capability,…


Endpoint Protection, Detection & Response

Cyber-attacks are continually evolving and so too is the approach organizations are taking to defend themselves, and nowhere is this more evident than in Endpoint Protection, Detection & Response (EPDR) technologies which show the shift from prevention or protection alone to a much more…

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