How Mobility Clouds the Future and SOA / Web 2.0 gives way to the Cloud API

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 TIME: 18:00-18:20 LOCATION: Auditorium
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Cloud computing and the increasingly mobile workforce are causing enterprises to rethink established IT security norms in new, revolutionary ways. Companies are seeing that latent data and internal resources can be exposed as new cloud APIs that scale as demand increases. This use of the cloud allows organizations to address the need for mobility and Internet-scale consumption. This sea change to services driven architecture is resulting in novel ways that data and processes are accessed and monetized, one that cannot be ignored or avoided. Cloud APIs are a disruptive technology that will transform how IT delivers value and is a natural follow on to SOA, Web 2.0, and early uses of cloud computing. Understanding the central role that identity plays in forming the new perimeter around these APIs is critical.

In his keynote, Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity, will provide insights and examples of how innovative customers of his are leading the way in this Cloud API revolution.

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Andre Durand is a twelve year veteran of the enterprise software industry, a recognized leader in the identity industry and a pioneer behind the concepts of the digital identity network. In addition to his role as CEO of Ping Identity, Mr. Durand co-founded and co-chairs Digital ID World , the...

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EIC 2012 Keynote: How Mobility Clouds the Future and SOA / Web 2.0 gives way to the Cloud API


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