Governance & Compliance Trends

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 TIME: 11:00-12:00


  • The European Union just recently adopted numerous directives, introducing a whole string of additional requirements for a “new” form of corporate governance. In this context, the changes to the Fourth, Seventh and Eighth EU Directives as well as the Transparency Directive are in the focus of particular interest - their provisions will intervene significantly in the corporate governance of all impacted companies.
  • The new requirements aim at further boosting the confidence of market participants in the financial statements and annual reports of European companies and at greater transparency for investors and are intended to improve the safeguards against accounting scandals in the European Union.


IT in Business is facing new requirements driven by simultaneously occurring forces. Particularly the quest for assessing the value contribution
of IT, the introduction of more compliance rules, the search for ways to align Business and IT better and the need to manage security and risks are to be considered.

The presentation addresses IT Governance as a comprehensive management approach within a newly understood IT-Business-Architecture.
Frameworks will be discussed with respect to their fit into this architecture and COBIT will be addressed specifically with respect to support of IT Governance.


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