User-centrism: The Solution to the Web Identity Crisis?

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 TIME: 09:00-09:45
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As commercial and social interactions continue to migrate to the web, establishing "who" we are is essential. User-centric identity technologies are emerging to tackle the challenge of managing identity on the web on an internet scale. Consumer markets are embracing this new approach and with the adoption of these new technologies, users will see a host of new identity services emerge.

Internet users will have web single sign-on, the ability to prove who they are online and safely exchange rich data about themselves, as well as a host of other tools at their disposal that were previously not possible. These user-centric abilities will become a requirement for e-government, however the enterprise will likely find it too early for their adoption.

This fast paced talk will examine some use cases for a user-centric future and will raise important questions and provoke discussion on online privacy, identity and security.


A pioneer in the Internet sector and open source software community, Dick has been active in software development for nearly two decades. Prior to his work at Microsoft, Dick founded ActiveState in 1997 and Sxip Identity in 2005. Under his leadership as CEO, ActiveState became a leader in...


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