On Cloud 9 or Lost In (that) Space

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 TIME: 09:30-10:00 LOCATION: IMAX
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Cloud Computing has a variety of terrific characteristics. Some are really new. Some other are well known for years and just come in different form or flavour. Best situation to discover and learn from long-term trends, point at today’s critical issues or smoothly direct the discussion back on track. What processes do user organizations need to manage cloud security risks? Do our experts come across with issues which are considered fundamental five years from now? What impact have all-round cloud self-service for enterprise security management and consistency? The cloud scales. Will security and even identities scale, or do we get stuck in identity silos? Those are the type of questions which guide to new insides, point to discussions in other track sessions and maybe induce others.
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On Cloud 9 or Lost In (that) Space

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