An Information Society Perspective on Electronic Identity Management

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 TIME: 18:30-19:00 LOCATION: IMAX
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With the proliferation of networked electronic communication came daunting capabilities to collect, process, combine and store data, resulting in hitherto unseen transformational pressures on trust, security and privacy as we know it. The burgeoning development of the Information Society, particularly during the past fifteen years, transcended the societal readiness to respond to the transformational change evoked by ICT. The Future Internet will bring about a world that combines physical and digital elements. Technologies for pattern analysis and superpositioning, data linking, mining and collection will unleash unseen capabilities of access to personal data in a wide sense, and provide mechanisms for undesired privacy intrusion. In this context, the creation and management of identity related data and means to control their long-term use have emerged as some of the central challenges of digital life. In order to preserve trust in digital life, the European Commission recognizes that appropriate measures need to combine technology development with legal means, with user awareness and tools that support data controllers to comply with law in an accountable and transparent manner and that empower users with a controlling stake in managing their identity data. Activities are underway at many levels. European RTD programmes play their role in supporting research in trustworthy ICT, electronic identity management technologies, privacy-by-design in service layers as well as in networks, enabling technologies such as cryptography, and in generalized frameworks for trust and privacy-protective identity management.

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An Information Society Perspective on Electronic Identity Management


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