Online Services and Identity Management – Driving Innovations through a Cross Sector Vision

  • TYPE: Business Case Study DATE: Thursday, May 06, 2010 TIME: 16:30-17:30 LOCATION: IMAX

The FC² project is a French cross-sector initiative formed by private companies (Gemalto, Atos, EADS, Orange…), government and academic actors. The purpose is to implement a comprehensive platform that allows new secure electronic services based on transparent and interoperable Identity Management. During this session, we will share our vision on how digital identity management technologies can boost high value online services for a thriving digital economy and administration.

Several use cases have been selected and developed with business partners. They cover a broad range of cross-domain online services such as financial services subscription and payment, full mobile phone subscription dematerialization, e-commerce in general, enrolment in the administrative roll, child care centre or judicial inquiry. These scenarios involve the management of digital identities issued by national or local authorities, banks, telcos.

Through the implementation of these use cases, the goals of the project are the following:

  • to define and implement an interoperable identity architecture
  • to implement a dedicated infrastructure for service providers,
  • to provide strong authentication means and privacy respectful services for end users.


The target services propose a simple and consistent usage of identity through several original concepts such as brokered authentication and SSO, multiple card selection in InfoCard, dynamic claims, integration of eID cards and other identification tokens for authentication, signature and attributes sharing. These innovations should radically change registration processes and thus propose a whole new enhanced user experience.

Based on an extensive collaboration with the open source project (Higgins), we have developed innovative software that we will demonstrate during the session: Java InfoCard Smart Selector, Windows mobile identity selector, online and USIM based InfoCard wallet, SEPA secured payment with InfoCard, hybrid Liberty / InfoCard identity provider.

The pilot experiments that will be managed through these use cases will be a first step towards large deployment in France. The project also investigates innovative business and operational models, acceptable by all players of the value chain.

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Olivier Maas is working for Atos Worldline's R&D department as a project manager on digital identity management. He is designing innovative implementation of IM technology applied on secure payments and services. On the FC² project he is responsible for managing the relationship with the...


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Online Services and Identity Management – Driving Innovations through a Cross Sector Vision


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