Moving beyond the Perimeter: Identity & Access Management for a Networked World

  • TYPE: Pre-conference Event DATE: Tuesday, May 04, 2010 TIME: 09:00-13:00 LOCATION: Solaris

Wherever organizations either use external applications "from the cloud" or where non-employee workforce (a.k.a. consultants, temps, auditors etc.) need to access internal systems, traditional Identity & Access Management tend to fall short.

But how to address the sometime diametral requirements imposed by adding cloud resources and external identities to your mix? The introductory session explains some of the strange requirement combination IAM managers face while trying to give both frontlines sufficient attention. How to integrate the external workforce to your ID Management, how to handle them within your attestation cycles without interfering with business requirements and already stretched budgets? How to securely manage access to and usage of cloud services while at the same time trying NOT to bust the business case by requiring string authentication and authorization with sufficient audit trails? Join Sebastian - and possibly a bunch of practitioners – in this rollercoaster ride through all the ups and downs of creating a security strategy WITHOUT having a perimeter to hide behind!


Sebastian Rohr has been active as author of multiple articles, reviews and essays on all kinds of security topics. Having a ten year record in IT with a background in network & systems management, network security and PKI he started his career with Siemens ICN in 1998. To get a deeper...


European Identity Conference 2010

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