• TYPE: Workshop DATE: Friday, May 08, 2009 TIME: 09:00-12:00 LOCATION: HELIOS
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Entitlement Management and XACML - An Introduction

Entitlement management is a key technology that enables organisations to adopt services oriented architecture while ensuring the protection of exposed resources. The eXtensible Access Control Markup (XACML) language is an OASIS standard for expressing entitlements and making access decisions based on these.

The target audience for this workshop are those having identified a need for an entitlement management solution. The goal is to provide the audience with the background to evaluate the usefulness of XACML in fulfilling such a need.

In this workshop you will learn about XACML, the de-facto standard for entitlements. Both business and technical aspects will be presented, as well as a feature preview of the upcoming third version of the standard.

  • What is Attribute Based Acceess Control (ABAC)?
    - The underlying concepts of ABAC and the differences to role-bases access control (RBAC).
  • What are the benefits of using XACML?
    - The business perspective on the advantages of the ABAC standard XACML.

Babak Sadighi, PgD

  • An introduction to XACML 2.0
    - A concise but thorough walk-thru of the technical aspects of the XACML standard version 2.0
  • Upcoming: XACML 3.0
    - Looking forward at the most important feature of the next XACML standard version: Delegation  

Ludwig Seitz, PhD

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Babak Sadighi has a PhD in Computer Science from Department of Computing, Imperial College, London. He was   until august 2008, a researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science and the leader of Computer Security Laboratory at that institute. Babak has many years of R&D...

Ludwig Seitz has a PhD in Computer Science from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) in Lyon, France. He was a researcher at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) until June 2008 when he joined Axiomatics. His research interests are access control, information...

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