Smartcard: Physical and Logical Access Control within the Dutch Ministries

  • TYPE: Business Case Study DATE: Wednesday, May 06, 2009 TIME: 10:30-11:30 LOCATION: IMAX

 The Dutch Government is implementing several basic registrations which can and must be used by all governmental administrations, local as well as provincial and national. These basic registrations are meant to be the unique authentitive source of relevant data, like name and kinship-relations, addresses, income, etc.

One national service for Authentication is already in use, which should facilitate all virtual communication processes between governmental offices and between government and citizens or companies.

Also, the Dutch Government has decided that the 13 ministries should operate as a single enterprise, not only towards citizens and private companies but also inbetween all governmental departments. This is not an easy goal, as there are quite different "cultures" within the ministries and obviously also regarding information security. Within the Dutch Governmental administration an Identity Management programme has been started to overcome the administrative borders in order to admit all governmental employees to their authorized information: any-time, any-place.

Preliminary conclusion is, that a Federal-design is needed as well as centralization within our governmental "enterprise". So we set up a structure to manage the progress of the many ongoing developments (projects). These projects include the re-use of the National authorative sources for personal-data etc., centralization of the Hrm-processes, unification of fysical entrance, sharing buildings, centralized portal-functionalities, RSO/SSO, directory services etc.

This presentation will show what kind of down to earth problems have to be solved and how they are always related to different outlooks, different goals and different priorities. The introduction within the ministries of one applicable Smartcard for physical access as wel as logical access (authentication), not unlike the American HSPD-12 initiative, is expected to make all the difference!

This session explores the following:

  • What we defined as the basis for Identity Management within an organisation
  • How we combine physical and logical access management
  • What are the current issues to be solved
  • What stragegy we use to speed up implementation
But most valuable is, when interested people from the audience ask their questions. Then we can make clear in the best way what it is all about, practically.

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Eric Brouwer is working at ICTU, the Dutch governmental organization to perform ICT-projects in order to maximize the government's IT objectives through collaborating with authorities, and is specialized in Identity Management. In recent years, he has improved the e-collaboration within the...


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