PAM for the People

  • TYPE: DATE: Wednesday, September 14, 2022 TIME: 14:10-14:30

In the last couple of years the ransomeware attacks and other cybersecurity threats has not only brought cybersecurity topics to the board rooms but also widened the attack surface outside of the multi nationals and the financial institutions.

The cyberssecurity approaches and strategies that works well for a multinational with a large and well funded cybersecurity department may not be as applicable for a mid sized company where the security department may be a single person.

Still if the partner company that delivers the cheese to a retailer falls to a cybersecurity attack there is simply no cheese to sell to the customers so the retailer not only loses money but also fails at their most basic task. So how do we as multinationals help our partners with implementing basic controls such as PAM in a way that works in their business reality?

In this session we will be looking at how you as a relatively cybersecurity mature company can do to help your less mature partners. It is also suitable for persons who has been asked to launch a cybersecurity or PAM program without been given the full resource to execute a full program.


Martin Sandren is a security architect and delivery lead with over eighteen years of experience of various information security related roles. Primarily focused on security architecture and digital identity including global scale customer, privileged and internal IAM systems using...

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Becoming a Better Privileged Access Manager

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  • Sep 14, 2022 13:00 - 18:00