Decentralized Identity and Governments - Can It Work?

  • TYPE: DATE: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 TIME: 15:10-15:30

Covid19 has laid bare just how far behind most governments are in digitising public administration and services for citizens. As countries around the world scramble to catch up, digital identity has emerged as one of the key building blocks. The approach, however, varies greatly. Most governments fall back on a default pattern characterised by centralised approaches and a narrow focus on the public sector only. Other countries especially in Europe and most notably Germany,  are taking a different strategy and implementing user-centric, decentralised, self-sovereign digital identity with the goal of providing a holistic identity solution citizens can use everywhere and across borders. Join this talk with Sebastian Manhart, Advisor on Digital Identity to the German Chancellery (Angela Merkel´s Office), who will share what is happening in Germany and Europe, and why this could set the stage for digital identity globally.

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Sebastian Manhart is a globally recognised identity entrepreneur and consultant. He spent six years as COO at the world´s only nonprofit biometrics company focused on unique identification in global health ( Simprints ), where he advised and collaborated with dozens of Ministries of...

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Sebastian Manhart: Decentralized Identity and Governments - Can It Work?

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