Incident Response Management – Checklist for the First Steps in Case of an Attack
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Incident Response Management – Checklist for the First Steps in Case of an Attack

Combined Session
Thursday, November 11, 2021 15:00—16:00
Location: Wilhelm von Humboldt

Incident Response Management – Checklist for the First Steps in Case of an Attack

In the event of a cyber attack, fast action is required. Using a ransomware attack as an example, the presentation will show which measures should and have be taken to limit the damage and avoid further risks and legal consequences, such as claims for damages or fines by customers or other contractual partners. Participants will receive a practical checklist, how to act in case of a cyber attack.

Dr. Carsten Ulbricht M.C.L.
Dr. Carsten Ulbricht M.C.L.
Dr. Carsten Ulbricht is a lawyer specializing  on Internet related matters and Digital Transformation at the Stuttgart law firm Menold Bezler, focusing on IT, Internet and data protection law....

Fighting the Ransomware Storm

There are no days when we do not hear about at least one ransomware attack in the world. This year alone such incidents are estimated to occur every eleven seconds at an estimated cost of $20 billion to businesses both large and small. So the question is, how can you make sure that your organization is well-prepared for such a storm and even if it hits, that you know what to do? Join me in this short session to learn about the tricks of micro-segmentation that can stop ransomware at its beginning and save your reputation.

Eliad Kimhy
Eliad Kimhy
Eliad has worked with security research teams for half a decade, serving as an editor and publisher of different security researches. Eliad has created and produced the successful cyber security...

AI in Cybersecurity - Chance or Just Another Hype

In this talk, Tobias Oberrauch would like to highlight the opportunities and possibilities of AI in cybersecurity.

He will give a high-level overview and show how everyone can get an overview of this topic.

Tobias Oberrauch
Tobias Oberrauch
CGI / AI PIONEERS / German AI Association
Tobias Oberrauch has been in the IT industry for 15 years. Starting as a programmer, he is now an executive consultant for large companies and deputy regional manager BW of the German AI...


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