AI’s Two-Faced Relationship With Ransomware
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AI’s Two-Faced Relationship With Ransomware

Combined Session
Thursday, November 11, 2021 14:00—15:00
Location: Wilhelm von Humboldt

AI’s Two-Faced Relationship With Ransomware

Ransomware is an increasing threat to every organization. The question is no longer if your organization will be attacked, but when – and how successful the attackers will be. Ransomware prevention therefore must be included in the security strategy of organizations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often interpreted as a wild card – a magic fix to the unfixable problems. While that is undoubtably an exaggeration, AI has massively overpromised when it comes to cybersecurity and ransomware defense. AI does show some promising applications in ransomware prevention, but implementation is less than perfect. AI is only a tool, and thus the relationship AI has with ransomware is convoluted; the application of that tool can be used to detect ransomware or to enhance it. The threat of AI-based ransomware is on the horizon, where AI is a weapon in the arsenal of attackers. Anne Bailey untangles this relationship to help decision makers measure the benefits against the threats of this emerging AI-powered landscape.

Annie Bailey
Annie Bailey
Annie Bailey is an analyst covering emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, and helps synthesize the implications for companies, industries, and markets. She holds a...

Ransomware – True Consequences to Business

The majority of organizations who chose to pay ransom demands in the past were not immune from subsequent ransomware attacks, often by the same threat actors. In addition, having cyber insurance coverage in place does not guarantee an organization will be able to recoup losses associated with a ransomware attack.

A key benefit of this session is the insight into the business impact and consequences of ransomware attacks across key industry verticals supported by research data that can be leveraged to drive better ransomware defense approaches. Mr Kölmel is going to  underscore prevention as the best strategy for managing ransomware risk and ensuring your organization does not fall victim to a ransomware attack in the first place.

Frank Kölmel
Frank Kölmel
Frank Kölmel brings over 25 years of industry expertise and was most recently with Palo Alto Networks. Previously, Frank Kölmel led FireEye's business in Central and Eastern Europe to...

Ransomware in Focus

Cyberattacks, and specifically ransomware attacks, are continuing to evolve every day. Consequently, a traditional ‘rules and signatures’ approach is limited in its ability to sufficiently defend against sophisticated, novel threats. In this session, learn how Darktrace’s Self-Learning AI technology is uniquely placed to detect and interrupt these threats autonomously, as demonstrated by real-world case studies.

Paul Fischoeder
Paul Fischoeder
Paul Fischoeder is a Commercial Director at Darktrace, where he works closely with strategic customers across all sectors to investigate and respond to sophisticated and novel cyber threats. Prior...


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