Sabotage protection - How to double-secure internal company secrets

  • TYPE: DATE: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 TIME: 16:10-16:30

How do you protect secret information from sabotage? You should consider two possible scenarios when answering this question: Sabotage can be caused from the outside as well as from the inside. In principle, a potential threat can also come from people within your own company.
An essential step is therefore to make sensitive documents and directories accessible only to employees who really need them for their work: Following the need-to-know principle.
In the case of facilities that are vital to life or defense, these employees must also be instructed in how to protect themselves against sabotage.
Consistent checks to ensure that protection instructions have been given are therefore part of the administrator's duties, which in turn requires additional time and organizational capacities.
In this practical presentation, you will learn how automated permission management can relieve IT administrators and at the same time reduce errors caused by manual processes while ensuring compliance with special requirements for the assignment of rights, e.g. through separate data protection instructions.

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With more than 20 years of experience in the management of large IT infrastructures and as a former managing partner of TESIS SYSware Software Entwicklung GmbH in the field of Password & Access Management, Christian Tilly has extensive knowledge in this environment. For a good year now, he...

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Sabotage protection - How to double-secure internal company secrets

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