Everything Will Be Tokenized: The Future of Identity

  • TYPE: DATE: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 TIME: 15:50-16:10

We're on track towards a world where everything that can be, will be tokenized. Tokenization plays a critical part in enabling more equitable value creation for people, organisations and things. Providing the means to issue and store value, trace provenance, and most importantly achieve consensus to instantly trust.

However, in order for this tokenized world to emerge we first need the infrastructure for people and their digital twins to participate in equitable and fair ways. This will include digital identity, verifiable credentials and payments.

This session will feature some of the use-cases, practical steps, insights and learning along the way.

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Katryna Dow is the founder and CEO of  Meeco ; a personal data platform that enables people to securely exchange data via the API-of-Me with the people and organisations they trust  Katryna has been pioneering personal data rights since 2002, when she envisioned a time when...

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Everything Will Be Tokenized: The Future of Identity

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The Access Management Playbook: Securing Today's Organizations

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