The Role of Trusted Identity in Cybersecurity - The Vision of an EU Trust Space
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The Role of Trusted Identity in Cybersecurity - The Vision of an EU Trust Space

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 09:55—10:10
Location: Historic Kassenhalle

Efficient implementation of cybersecurity relies on various dimensions of measures. Besides the various technical, process and infrastructure related measures one vital part is to ensure that the identity off all users (and components) of the ecosystem is as trusted as necessary. This is by no means a trivial questions and various efforts both on national and global level in the past years have shown that typically there is no easy answer to that. The EU commission has reacted to this and is addressing the need for trust in digitization by means of various regulations. The “hottest” candidate for this right now is the proposal for the eIDAS revision 2.0 as made public this summer. In the center of this is the vision of enabling a common EU trust space that will consist both of trust sources i.e. trusted identities and trust consumers i.e. trust services. Both of these components will be linked together by means of an EU ID wallet, that every natural and legal person will have access to.

In this keynote we will highlight the current status of debate and also demonstrate the relation to the EU cybersecurity landscape.

Dr. Kim Nguyen
Dr. Kim Nguyen
IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT)
Dr. Kim Nguyen studied mathematics and physics at the universities of Göttingen (Germany) and Cambridge (UK) and received a Ph.D. in mathematics for his work on the relation between classical...


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