The Key to Post Covid Success - Aim to Thrive Not Merely Survive

  • TYPE: DATE: Thursday, May 27, 2021 TIME: 15:50-16:10

Thrive Don’t Just Survive: Why You Need to Modernise IAM for a post COVID world.

2020 was the year of extremes for business resiliency and security. Those companies that were prepared for change, survived and those who were not, suffered. This was illustrated mostly clearly when it came to accessing corporate applications. Organisations that had invested in a modern IAM platform were agile and flexible when the pandemic hit in contrast to those that had to scramble to adjust to the crisis. But in2021 and beyond, what has does this really mean for global enterprises? Where do we go from here?

In this presentation, Francois Lasnier, Vice President of IAM Products, Thales, will discuss how a modern access management solution can help your business thrive, rather than merely survive. Drawing on real world examples, Lasnier outlines how the right IAM solution combined with a defined strategic approach, can help you:

• Continue to adapt to the changing landscape

• Empower agile users and customers

• Simplify operations

• Stay ahead of shifting regulations and your competition

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Francois Lasnier: The Key to Post Covid Success - Aim to Thrive Not Merely Survive

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