Mastering Today’s SAP Threat Landscape - Joint Interview with Accenture & Onapsis

  • TYPE: DATE: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 TIME: 16:10-16:30

In order to effectively protect organizations, the constantly changing threat landscape needs to be understood. Threats could initiate from inside or outside of the organization, targeting the infrastructure, applications or users to obtain business critical data. Our panel discussion will focus on the most recent SAP threats, what’s different with the move to S/4, and valuable lessons learned on the importance of an integrated approach. We will talk with Dr. Rene Driessel – SAP Security Lead DACH at Accenture and Frederik Weidemann – Chief Technical Evangelist at Onapsis, to dive deep into today’s SAP security landscape.

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Dr. René Drießel is leading the SAP Security Practice in Europe and in ASGR at Accenture. He has more then 20 years experience in SAP, SAP Security and Technology in general. He is convinced, that the today challenges can be best addressed with an holistic approach that brings...

As Chief Technical Evangelist, Frederik is driving innovation that keeps Onapsis on the cutting edge of the Mission-Critical Application Security market. He focused on ERP and SAP Security for the last fifteen years and has presented over 50 times at security and SAP related conferences...

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Mastering Today’s SAP Threat Landscape - Joint Interview with Accenture & Onapsis

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Balancing SAP Security: Access, Protection, Authorization

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