Anchoring Real Identity in a Digital World

  • TYPE: DATE: Wednesday, March 03, 2021 TIME: 14:50-15:10

In a world where you never meet our customers or employees face to face, it’s critical to anchor their real identity to their digital one.
It’s only by doing this that you can securely provision access, verify high-risk actions, and deliver on an experience that keeps them engaged. In this session, Olli Krebs (VP Central EMEA at Onfido) will examine how document and biometric verification can seamlessly enable trust throughout the identity lifecycle. 

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Oliver Krebs is GM EMEA region at Onfido. Oliver has over 26 years experience leading growth and operations teams to deliver maximum profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction; connecting businesses to innovative identity and access management solutions to meet and exceed their business...

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Oliver Krebs: Anchoring Real Identity in a Digital World

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