SAP Security I: Getting to Know Your Black Spots & Weaknesses

  • TYPE: Roundtable DATE: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 TIME: 11:50-13:20

SAP software runs the core business processes of many organizations. The truth is that most of them run compliance checks without actually understanding their risk. But there is a way to prevent this. By implementing a security culture instead of buying a tool that might not accomplish your goal, your system can be improved by giving your defenders the necessary skills. In this roundtable, Jochen Fischer will show you,

  • how hackers take and already took advantage of it,
  • why it can be darn hard to secure a company's digital backbone, and
  • why digitalization can make it even worse.

In this introductory roundtable session, you will learn why SAP has been a focus area of cyber criminals since a long time and why your threat intelligence may well have an SAP black spot. Jochen Fischer will explore with you a number of great live examples of poor SAP security and go through internal and external root causes of weak SAP security posture.

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Marco Hammel is CTO and Co-Funder of NO MONKEY. He used to be part of SAP as a developer for GRC risk management, before he joined leading SAP security companies in various roles as a security consultant, pre-sales expert, pen-tester or security researcher. In addition, Marco is teaching a...

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