Understanding Privacy as the Key to Customer Satisfaction

  • TYPE: Roundtable DATE: Thursday, October 22, 2020 TIME: 12:30-12:50

Providing customers and prospects with an expereince that is targeted to what they are really interested in has become a basic requirement.To do so, we need to know about the preferences of our users. We need data. Personal information. The art of balancing these information with GDPR compliance requires us to understand privacy as a fundamental customer satisfaction requirement. In this coffee & inspiration lounge, you can discuss your questions with Chad Wollen. 


25 years in digital and marketing 10 years of creating privacy:   • Propositions (value exchange) • Marketing and brand strategy • User experience and services • Customer Value Management   Expertise with AdTech, Consent Management Platforms...

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Customer Technology World 2020

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Ms. Lauren Zuber
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  • Oct 20 - 22, 2020