Quantum Secured Blockchain

  • TYPE: Session DATE: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 TIME: 14:20-14:40

This talk aims to share the experience achieved during Q-Secure Net, a 2020's project co-financed by the European Institute of Technology (EIT) and Italtel, Cefriel, Politecnico di Milano, CNR, UPM and Telefonica. Q-Secure Net will provide a cost-effective and flexible network solution for unconditionally secure communication services based on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) thought for fiber-optic networks.

The talk will also present an application of Blockchain Atomic Swaps for the exchange of securities and cryptocurrencies, developed in the project and based on QKD. Atomic Swaps have great potentials for financial scenarios regarding securities, crypto exchanges and cryptocurrencies but have specific security threats.

The QKD market is expected to grow over $980 million by 2024. In the long term, the QKD will be strategic for the design of new architectures in many sectors like telco, defence and transports and 5G sectors. QKD's infrastructural security and its ability to mitigate cyber-risks, also allow a whole new class of approaches and applications for Decentralised Finance.



Key Takeaways:

-          QKD Features

-          Capabilities for Fintech applications

-          Atomic Swap and Crypto Exchanges

-          How QKD can mitigate risk in applications like smart contracts for Decentralised Finance Scenarios (for example in the Atomic SWAP use case)

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Paolo Comi works as a Research and Innovation Manager in the Italtel Project Financing Department ( www.italtel.com ). More than 30 years' experience in the telecom industry and with the whole ICT lifecycle management. Accountable for the research opportunities in national & international...

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Paolo Comi, Nadia Fabrizio: Quantum Secured Blockchain

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