Panel - Integrating IGA and ITSM - Key Benefits and Main Challenges

  • TYPE: Session DATE: Thursday, October 01, 2020 TIME: 14:00-14:20
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Jackson began his identity management career as an early employee at Toronto-based Zoomit Corp., the pioneer in the development of meta-directory products who Microsoft acquired in 1999. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for product planning and marketing around Microsoft’s identity...

Jeff Steadman has two decades of IT industry experience, the majority of which includes delivering complex global Identity and Access strategies and managing global IAM operations for multiple Fortune 100 companies. He also co-hosts a weekly podcast focused on identity and access management...

Paul started his internet security adventure in the mid 90s being acquired into Sun Microsystems where he worked in Meta-Directory Engineering cutting his teeth on Identity. Since then Paul has fulfilled many roles within the software world, always related to Security and the world of Identity...

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Panel - Integrating IGA and ITSM - Key Benefits and Main Challenges

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