The Use of Real World Evidence (and Identities) in Support of Identity and Access Management

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Thursday, October 01, 2020 TIME: 12:40-13:00

Central to the ability to identify, authenticate and authorise individuals and allow them access to resources is the validation of the requirements to ensure that someone is who they claim to be, possess the requisite academic or professional qualifications, work experience, skills and understanding their competency within any given skill. Ie. I may have a driving licence with allows me the right to drive but if subsequent to a test I have never had the opportunity my competency will be almost non-existent. And of course ensuring the binding of the identity throughout the lifecycle of an individual to the claimed identity from onboarding through operation and eventual retirement, along with the credentials I’ve just highlighted.

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With an emphasis on delivering high-value digital products to major, global organisations, Gillan has a wealth of expertise in key areas including identifying individuals within big data which is a significant factor when developing a strategy for Digital Identity. A multilingual...

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