Where ITSM is Heading – and the Impact on IAM

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Thursday, October 01, 2020 TIME: 10:10-10:30

ITSM is going well beyond ITIL and IT ticketing these days: It’s becoming the portal and workflow platform

Not that long ago, ITSM (IT Service Management) was what the name means: A technology used within IT to manage IT services and facing to the end user when it comes to IT requests. IT requests led to tickets as the tasks to be performed by workers in IT. And yes, there was and is ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) describing common IT processes, there were and are Service Catalogs, and there were and are CMDBs (Configuration Management Databases).

However, this is changing. ITSM platforms are shifting from IT solutions to business solutions and becoming strategic tools for organizations, for service delivery (and thus service definition, service management, and so on) across a range of business functions. They have become a widely used interface for users to a wide range of services, and they support the workflows and process automation behind these interfaces.

With IAM providing interfaces and with workflows and processes being a vital part of every IAM, it is obvious that there is a logical link between IAM and ITSM (or the other way round).

Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, in his talk will look at the journey of ITSM and where ITSM is heading. He will look at the overlaps and links between IAM and ITSM. And he will take a high-level perspective on where integration is expected to become deeper and where IAM capabilities might shift to ITSM, specifically in the context of IAM evolving from monolithic platforms to modern, microservice-based architectures that can well make use of existing ITSM services, microservices, and APIs.

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Martin Kuppinger: Where ITSM is Heading – and the Impact on IAM

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