Cloud PAM: Challenges, Considerations And Approach

  • TYPE: Session DATE: Thursday, August 20, 2020 TIME: 14:00-14:20

As Enterprises transitions to IaaS, Cloud Security and specifically IAM strategy and execution becomes crucial. IAM controls for IaaS/Public Cloud need to identify, secure and monitor Privilege Assets at the same time deal with the inherent elasticity, scalability and agility of the Public Cloud . As such a Privileged Access Management Program for Cloud i.e Cloud PAM is required to meet the increasingly stringent compliance and audit regulations and keep enterprises secure. 

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Rohit Nambiar has 15 years of IT Security experience most recently as Director IAM (Identity And Access Management) at Equifax Inc where he is responsible for building and leading cross functional teams while executing IAM roadmaps and delivering critical security programs. Prior to...

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Rohit Nambiar: Cloud PAM: Challenges, Considerations And Approach

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Advanced Privileged Access Management & New Trends

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