Self-Sovereign Identity in a European Digital Single Market – Quo vadis?

  • TYPE: Session DATE: Thursday, August 06, 2020 TIME: 13:30-13:50

When European citizens will be acting in the online Digital Single Market, it is clear that trust and security but also data protection plays a vital role. A way to achieve this is to combine (Self Sovereign) eIdentities, Strong Authentication and Trust Services. Lots of work has been done in the last few months on ESSIF (The European Self Sovereign Identity Framework), including on how this could be given legal certainty through alignment with eIDAS. .

Though still in evolution, a clear picture is starting to emerge of how such a trusted ESSIF eco-system could be established moving forward. This presentation intends to give –based on Erik’s involvement in EBSI/ESSIF--  an update of how SSI and eIDAS could converge and lead to a working European SSI (Trust) Framework and eco-system.

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Erik has years of experience/expertize in amongst others: Governance/Risk/Compliance, eGovernment/eBusiness/eBanking, Trust Services and Trusted/Trustworthy (eco-)systems, Enterprise (Security) Architectures, Service Oriented Architectures and Cloud Platforms, Data Privacy & Data...

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Future of Digital Identity: Self-Sovereign Identity & Verifiable Credentials

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  • Aug 06, 2020 12:00-06:00pm CEST