3 Things You Need to Know About Your Customers’ Identities

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Thursday, July 16, 2020 TIME: 12:50-12:10

Hear how a global retail giant, who’s online customers number in the hundreds of millions, has used Identity and Access Management to create a better, safer experience for their customers. Often seen as a checkbox item, at the end of the to-do list when it comes to developing, scaling and innovating applications and services, identity management and it’s often complex requirements impact a number of areas - from the overall software architecture, to data compliance, to the data you gather, and want to gather on your customers, to IT security and more.

This presentation will bring to life - by way of a customer example - the key things you need to know when planning and building for the best customer journey.


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As Senior Solutions Engineer, Yvo van Doorn is a technical expert for Auth0 customers seeking to understand the benefits of identity and cloud. He has more than a decade of system administration experience, and manually built and configured bare-metal servers for the first part of his career....

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