Implementing PAM in Practice – Lessons Learned in an Industrial Company

  • TYPE: Session DATE: Tuesday, July 07, 2020 TIME: 13:20-13:40
Conference Agenda

In this talk, Alpha will discuss the often arduous way from buying and initially implementing a PAM solution to achieving significantly improved security as a program target. He will share lessons learned about necessary changes to IT infrastructure architecture and operational processes to ensure maximum impact of a PAM project. Overcoming organizational resistance to the new processes and tools is equally important. Alpha will explain what to expect, and leave the audience with some best practice ideas to engage and involve stakeholders in IT operations and general management.


Alpha Barry is CEO of secida AG, a consultancy focused on designing and implementing secure IT infrastructures through competent use of identity and access management. Before founding secida, Alpha Barry was head of Group IT infrastructure and Cybersecurity at thyssenkrupp, a large German...

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