Need for PAM for Secured User Access to Business Applications on Cloud

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, July 07, 2020 TIME: 10:30-10:50

Considering the nature of business, EGI was proactively planning to implement a centralized solution that could:

  • Monitor all the remote users (including business users) taking access to the target servers on Cloud infrastructure from external network
  • Allow secured and seamless file transfer from development to production environments
  • Enable a second factor authentication for users accessing core business applications

PAM helped address the same with:

  • Comprehensive monitoring and access policy management to control and manage user access to critical cloud resources
  • In-built MFA along with a secure and isolated browser-based access of business applications for business users
  • Cross-platform capabilities to enable access to users from any platform for taking access to critical systems anytime from anywhere

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Ninad Chavan is the CISO at Edelweiss General Insurance Company. He is a seasoned security professional with experience of over 15 years on Information Security in BFSI sector.  In the current role he is responsible for management and governance of information and cyber security activities....


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Ninad Chavan: Need for PAM for Secured User Access to Business Applications on Cloud

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