Public-Cloud, Private-Cloud, On-Prem: Impacts of Cloud Cover on IDM

  • TYPE: Session DATE: Tuesday, June 16, 2020 TIME: 11:10-11:30

Today we see variable amounts of cloud cover in IT. Promising business values now meet reality. We will take a closer look at the effects of public-cloud, private-cloud, and on-premise scenarios on workloads, costs, and risks. Since cloud-usage means enlarging the (attack) surface of the IT, we will focus on security and IDM.

 Key Topics:

  • Basic scenarios: public-cloud, private-cloud and on-premise
  • Mixed scenarios
  • Enlarging the surface: General impacts and effects on security and on IDM
  • Some special nasty cases concerning IDM

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Eleni Richter is chief architect of the identity and organizational data management at EnBW. She is responsible for design and architecture of a next generation identity management system at EnBW. She has been working as it-security manager, it-consultant, it-system designer and project...


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