Harnessing Identity to Position Security as a Business Enabler

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, June 02, 2020 TIME: 09:50-10:10
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Security teams were already going through a fundamental shift in how they protect the business, even before the acceleration to remote working due to Covid-19. Given that Identity and Access Management (IAM) is now undeniably the first line of defense for organisations worldwide, how can security leaders turn the challenges, both legacy and new, into opportunities to mitigate risk and add value to the business? And all this in a way that will elevate the position, and change the perception, of security at the same time?

Based on a recent study Barry McMahon from LastPass looks at the challenges facing security teams and details five drivers where Identity and Access Management can support the business needs to benefit both the business and security team. There is also some excellent guidance on how best to engage the senior decision makers and speak in a language they understand.


Barry is Senior Manager, IAM at LogMeIn where he internally and externally evangelises LastPass and Central. Helping the business grow globally is one of his key responsibilities which involves working with stakeholders across the business to define and refine our growth strategy. One element of...


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