Digital Identity as a Building Block for Ethical Digital Economies

  • TYPE: Session DATE: Tuesday, May 12, 2020 TIME: 14:00-14:20

Governments are building huge identity systems because they need to plan service delivery, understand demographics and deliver essentials such as healthcare and education whilst building digital economies and addressing financial inclusion. They also have concerns over fraudulent activity, security and border control. These are conflicting issues with very different needs.

Technology always moves faster than laws and government capacity is often behind the curve. Knowing what to implement, when and how is difficult when capacity is low.

Digital economies need digital identity, as does true service transformation. To be able to do this at national or international scale without creating a mechanism for an attack on all of our basic rights we need the crucial building block of digital identity to act for the users and not just for the use cases.

So how do we do this in a world where country after country is moving to implement ever more capable identity systems?

Key takeaways:
This talk will explain the steps we can take now, the gaps perceived in the market and how industry can move to promote best practice that government and individuals will benefit from. In addition the talk will:
1) Raise awareness of the need to focus on users no just the use cases
2) Outline how our rights can be protected in growing digital economies
3) Show why capacity building, ethics, the law and standards are just as important as innovation.

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Adam Cooper is an identity standards expert, policy lead, and enterprise architect with over 25 years of experience in IT and digital disciplines. Adam is currently Chief Architect for ID2020 and a technical consultant to the World Bank ID4D programme, as well as acting in an advisory...


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