Privacy & Security in the Next Century

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Thursday, May 14, 2020 TIME: 15:30-16:30 LOCATION: AMMERSEE I


Consent has been and remains the principal option for most companies to process personal data in a lawful manner. As such, most user experiences are designed to quickly elicit broad consent from individuals without them reading or understanding what they have consented to. As a result, people are exposed to the growing risk of experiencing undesired use of their data and related negative consequences affecting their lives and relationships.

Consent is the most valuable leverage people have left. One emerging opportunity is the power of individuals to selectively withhold or withdraw consent. In this session, James Aschberger will outline how individuals can easily issue-specific consent restrictions to data controllers and processors. Because people are very clear on what they do not want to happen with their personal data.

This can become a major stumbling block for many businesses, as valid consent restrictions can significantly impact marketing and customer engagement opportunities and alter relationships with service providers. Or it can become a key enabler for companies to thrive in the data-driven economy with the right tools.

Join this session to get insights into a new approach in which both people and companies can benefit from the use of personal data without the fear of adverse consequences based on the simplification of consent management.


James graduated from the University of St. Gallen and has more than 20 years of professional experience in the brand and retail sector focused on global marketing, product, sales and strategy roles at British American Tobacco, The Swatch Group and Swarovski. At present, James addresses...


Digital trust is what sets brands apart from their competitors. Taking and storing customer data is a duty of care, and brands cannot afford data breaches or compromises. To gain digital trust, leading brands need an airtight data protection strategy that gives customers control of their personal data without compromising user experiences.
The strategies by which companies collect, store, use, and manage consumer profiles are under growing scrutiny from regulators, malicious actors, and the consumers themselves. Join this thought-provoking discussion about the value of customer identities and trust, how to operate under GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy laws, and what the future looks like as CIAM, privacy, and security converge.

Key takeaways:


1. Learn how you can centrally handle customer data and at the same time comply with different data regulations around the globe

2. Learn how customer identity management can help to tremendously reduce and centralize regulatory compliance efforts and be a central part of privacy-assured marketing

3. Learn the steps you can take to protect and secure customer profile data in ways that adhere to “state of the art” security as required by GDPR and other regulations around the world


Mike Kiser has held a panoply of industry positions over the past 20 years—from Security Strategist to Security Analyst to Security Architect. He has designed, directed, and advised on large-scale security deployments for a global clientele. He is currently in a long-term relationship with...

Expectations for a great consumer user experience keep rising along with the complexities of the growing range of customer devices, touchpoints, and privacy regulations. This urges continual improvements in consumer identity and access management systems (CIAM). With this increasing complexity of the CIAM requirements its time to re-think the relationship between CIAM solutions and application developers. To continuously deliver new customer and business needs CIAM solutions have to focus on developers and enrich developer experience in CIAM platform.
By exposing key CIAM functionality via Identity APIs, it makes the CIAM solution more open and developer-centric. Identity API platforms allow application developers to continuously deliver new consumer demands, workflow and orchestration capabilities across environments as well as better DevOps support through automation.

Key takeaways:


Importance of CIAM solutions being developer-centric
Evolution of Identity API platforms
Key functionalities in an Identity API platform for CIAM


Ishara is a senior technical lead and a key member of the WSO2 Identity Server team. He has been part of the WSO2 team for more than 8 years. Ishara specializes in the IAM domain. While providing technical leadership to the WSO2 Identity Server team, he works as an IAM advocate to WSO2 customers...


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