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  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Thursday, May 14, 2020 TIME: 14:30-15:30 LOCATION: AMMERSEE I


In many identity flows today, the user experience is the same regardless of the operation the user is trying to perform. This often means that from the user's perspective, they have a binary experience; either they are already logged and are NOT challenged, or they are not logged in and are challenged. The concepts of this talk go beyond "adaptive authentication" in that "authentication strength" is only one of the vectors being considered. This talk will define a set of identity "vectors" that can be used to provide better user experiences across the full life-cycle of user identity and service interactions.

Key takeaways:


* A set of identity vectors that should be managed within the identity system
* How those vectors impact/improve user experience
* Using risk as a metric to drive user experiences


The challenge is to offer user-friendly login procedures via social media accounts, passwords or biometric devices while securing and respecting personal data at the same time. This combination must be taken seriously to provide a smooth Customer Experience (CX) and to guarantee that every consumer can control the access to his personal information. Join this panel to hier the best practise advises of experts in the branch.


Robin Goldstein is a Group Program Manager at Microsoft leading Customer Identity Access Management and B2B Collaboration for the Azure AD business. Formerly a Principal Engineering Manager in content and media services for the Windows and Devices Group, Robin was the first woman to serve in...

Ishara is a senior technical lead and a key member of the WSO2 Identity Server team. He has been part of the WSO2 team for more than 8 years. Ishara specializes in the IAM domain. While providing technical leadership to the WSO2 Identity Server team, he works as an IAM advocate to WSO2 customers...

As digital identity penetrates and permeates through all aspects of human society, it is helping make consumer services widely available, secure, and personalized. But there is a dark side to this. Identity Management design has largely evolved from the field of security engineering, where designs are often based on the model of an average, or typical, user. This ignores the vast diversity in skills, ages, cultural backgrounds, devices, genders, races and (dis)abilities of the overall user base. The result is quite often exclusionary experiences and services that are not accessible to some people, many of whom are often disadvantaged to begin with.

This session will present findings from user experience research and project implementations that had a direct impact on the design and requirements of Customer IAM systems. It provides a framework for how organizations can approach the development and rollout of an inclusive IAM system that unlocks business value while mitigating the risk of systemic exclusion.

Key takeaways:


1) Fundamental breakdown of how common approaches to CIAM end up excluding certain user communities
2) Understanding of issues that consumer businesses run into due to the model user design approach of CIAM systems
3) Definition of a framework to help IAM team develop and rollout an inclusive CIAM system


Nishant Kaushik is the CTO of Uniken, the first security platform that tightly integrates identity, authentication and channel security. He brings over 15 years of experience in the identity management industry architecting and delivering market leading products, with stints at Thor...


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