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  • TYPE: Expert Talk DATE: Thursday, May 14, 2020 TIME: 11:00-12:00 LOCATION: EIC CAFÉ
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In the Identity and Access Management industry we have had a lot of failed implementation projects. We have also had a large number of implementation projects where the IAM system went live but only with a limited set of functional flows and target systems. In some rare cases the implementation not only succeeded but was also followed up by onboarding of hundreds of target systems and lots of function flows over a period of years or even decades.

In general a well working IAM system is of course a great asset for an enterprise but the sheer size and functional footprint also creates a challenge when the IAM system needs to go through an upgrade, handle mergers and divestures or add new capabilities?

Key takeaways:


What new opportunities and capabilities does cloud IAM offer?

How do you modernize an old and on premise based IAM platform?

What challenges that you will meet during the upgrade process for a large, old and complex IAM system?

What are the lessons learned and pitfalls?


Martin Sandren is a CISSP and SABSA certified security professional with over fifteen years of experience of various information security related roles. Primarily focused on security architecture and identity and access management including large scale (20+ million users) customer IAM and...

Global business is becoming increasingly complex due to various regulations and compliance policies, while the speed in which new functions are brought into production has increased tremendously. In the past, the verification and testing of these regulations was a step in the software development process and was typically performed in the final stages before going live. Combined with a "human chain of trust" with the software developer on the one end and the manager responsible for compliance on the other, this approach does not meet modern requirements.

DevOps teams need the flexibility to ship software into production often and without manual interruptions, and regulations such as the GDPR lead to severe penalties when violations occur.

In this presentation you will learn how everything as code can play a critical role in building a reliable chain of trust when it comes to meeting compliance regulations. It will be shown how configuration can be maintained in an auditable manner and how auditors and information security officers can use this approach to verify compliance while supporting continuous delivery to production.

Key takeaways:

CISOs, Privacy Officers, Security Officers and IT Managers learn how to meet, verify and audit compliance and governance while DevOps teams continuously deliver software into production


Dr. Heiko Klarl has been in Identity and Access Management for more than ten years. He is driven by the motivation to bridge the gap between business and IT in order to create holistic solutions spanning from the customer’s strategy to the technological implementation. He successfully...


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