Cyber Threat Intelligence: Challenges & Opportunities

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Protect the Homeland and Stay in Business: Why Privately-Owned Companies Need a Cyber Intelligence Program

The private sector continues to be victimized by an onslaught of sustained cyber assaults aimed at undermining the United States economy, weakening its military, and threatening its democracy. The need for the US government and private industry to share information has long been viewed as the only viable solution to thwarting cyberattacks. Despite the information sharing efforts, spanning nearly two decades, private industry continues to hemorrhage its intellectual property and economic resources. In response to the cyber-based threat, a new field has emerged; cyber intelligence. The literature not only reflects the lack of a clear definition, education, and a sustaining value proposition but highlighted the interest and need for relevant, timely, cyber-based intelligence. Using a qualitative method, this paper examines current literature and the author’s personal experience. This study examines the role of cyber intelligence in the private sector and asserts that the information and intelligence provided by vendors and the United States government is not adequate to meet the needs of business. There are two key findings resulting from the research and analysis; cyber intelligence is not defined, and an internal cyber intelligence capability is the only option capable of meeting the demands of business.

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