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How the way we talk about information security has changed over the last 2 decades, based on a quantitative analysis of 17 Global Information Security Surveys by EY (2002-2019)


Cybersecurity is by far no temporary fashion. The automotive industry now realizes the importance of cybersecurity for its organization and particularly for its products. However, a large gap exists between the requirements that result from new standards and the existing knowledge within the organization. This frequently results in diffuse solutions to establish required principles of cybersecurity. In this context, many enterprises still underestimate that cybersecurity needs to be applied along the entire product lifecycle. Due to this, many companies try to close the knowledge gap via new employees or external trainings and consultancies. In addition to a limited offer of specialists in this field existing concepts are often not solution oriented or do not solve the task holistically. For this reason, a solution is elaborated in which an external consultancy and an enterprise from the automotive sector have jointly developed a cybersecurity training.

Key takeaways:
- Ability to highlight the general importance of cybersecurity in an automotive context 
- Underline the need of cybersecurity awareness and establishing a cybersecurity culture 
- Understand the current knowledge gap (technical and managerial) and resulting drawbacks for OEMs and tier-n supplier
- Get to know a comprehensive solution of how the knowledge gap could be overcome


Philipp Veronesi is Founder and Managing Director of CYRES Consulting and advises international corporations on cybersecurity related matters. Philipp is an expert in the field of embedded systems with a focus on systems in the automotive industry. For more than a decade, he has managed security...

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