The Forgotten Story of Cyber Hygiene

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Thursday, November 14, 2019 TIME: 09:20-09:40 LOCATION: Historische Kassenhalle
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- Despite two decades of innovation in cybersecurity industry cyber hygiene remains the fundamental building bloc of cyber resilience.
- Cyber hygiene plays a critical role in protecting businesses, the supply chain, but it also provides the foundations for protection of national security.
- Thoughtful and well resourced efforts can be ongoing for years and are hard to identify. However, the attackers will always be opportunistic actors who will exploit low-hanging weaknesses.
- The most consequential and notorious ICT incidents in the recent years have involved some sort of failure of cyber hygiene:

o According to the indictment, hackers used spearphishing techniques to gain remote access to the DNC and DNCC servers using GRU-designed malware, X-Agent, a favorite tool of the hacker group Fancy Bear.

o Domain spoofing-enabled phishing attacks cost about $300 million per month according to one study.

o Fraud enabled by a phishing email of an Austrian aerospace executive was behind the highest individual loss of money in history from a single scam – around $47 million.

- The talk will focus on how to think about cyber hygiene at scale, how to we protect our supply chain, and the communities that are the most vulnerable due to lack of ressources or expertise? 

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Klara Jordan is the Chief Public Policy Officer at the CyberPeace Institute. At the Global Cyber Alliance Ms. Jordan supported its mission by developing and sustaining partnerships, and furthers GCA's collaborative efforts regarding matters of policy, projects, and fundraising. Previously,...

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Klara Jordan - The Forgotten Story of Cyber Hygiene

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