AI-Driven Cyber-Attacks

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 TIME: 12:00-12:30 LOCATION: Historische Kassenhalle

AI vs. AI - On The Next Paradigm Shift in Cyber Security

This talk intents to provide thought leadership on how AI & ML is currently being used for defensive purposes and will soon be used for offensive purposes. It covers both sides, defence and offence, and provides examples of how AI either is currently used to augment defensive measures or how AI will be used to augment cyber offence.

On the defensive side we have seen an explosion in the vendor landscape using narrow AI to varying levels of success. What is undeniable is that there is improvements in blue teaming & cyber defence thanks to AI. Max will give a handful of practical examples of where AI has caught and stopped extremely sophisticated cyber attackers. AI in defence is already a reality.

On the other hand, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly fast and sophisticated. WannaCry & NotPetya denominated a first paradigm shift - from low & slow attacks to fast-moving, spreading & destructive malware.
Relying on signature-based / hard-threshold-based & maintaining the mentality of 'keeping bad out' instead of 'assuming breach' is not adequate in today's threat landscape any more.

Cyber criminals adopt whatever method yields the biggest profits. AI will become another tool in the repertoire of adversaries allowing them to:
* Improve scalability & profitability
* Stay undetected for longer & make attribution more difficult
* Conduct cyber attacks a human attacker could not do

This talk will further provide insights on how adversaries could leverage existing AI research & Open-Source projects to augment their attacks along the attack lifecycle. This will help people understand that the cyber security & threat landscape is rapidly changing and that organisations have to start looking into novel ways of conducting cyber security to be prepared when the next paradigm shift hits our industry - AI-driven cyber attacks.

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Max is a cyber security expert with over eight years’ experience in the field specializing in network monitoring and offensive security. He is frequently quoted on cyber-related issues on publications like Wired, The Telegraph, Forbes and other high-profile publications. At Darktrace, Max...


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