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Implementing AI based solutions is more and more in the core focus of corporations globally, as they are keen on utilising the enormous cost saving and efficiency increase potential associated with respective business supporting AI solutions. According to McKinsey, AI bears the potential to increase the global yearly economic output by 1%, which would translate for Germany alone to a yearly increase of EUR 400bn in economic growth.

While the interest in implementing tailored AI solutions has gained enormous interest in the past years, corporations around the globe are all facing one key problem: Lack of trained AI experts. (see latest Handelsblatt Summit in Germany March 2019)

This is exactly where the business concept of Dydon steps in. While we are lacking respectively trained AI experts, each corporation already has enormous resources of knowledge in-house, their well trained and knowledgeable internal business experts. What they are just lacking are respective AI tools which are simple to use, enabling them to utilise AI algorithms for build business focused solutions without being forced to become an AI expert first. As experience has shown, business experts are more interested in whether a generated system result is reasonable and transparent then in the actual understanding of the underlying AI algorithm.

Dydon therefore developed a flexible AI platform which simplifies the usage of AI for business experts allowing them to utilise the advantages AI brings to their business without being forced to become an AI expert first.

A versatile AI platform has been realised using latest state-of-the-art AI methodologies that help business experts to prototype and develop final AI applications in hours/days instead of weeks/months via parameterisation only rendering no coding and no AI specific expertise necessary. The objective behind the development is clearly focused on how the handling and usage of even complex AI methodologies can be made easy and understandable.

An integrated web-service AI tools suite has been developed currently focusing on combining NLP (Text Analytics), prediction modelling, central data structuring and intuitive result presentation (editable dashboard).

The AI platform philosophy allows a step by step realisation and integration of individual AI solutions for different business topics under one unifying system umbrella. This will avoid any future problems having to deal with huge numbers of individual and siloed AI solutions.


Dr. Guellich is the founder and CEO of Dydon AG a Swiss based leading provider of bespoke market information for an active Risk & Compliance Management utilising latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology. Dr. Guellich is a serial entrepreneur and strategic investor in...


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