Do People Want to Talk to Your AI?

  • TYPE: DATE: Monday, May 13, 2019 TIME: 20:00-20:10
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We all use (or plan to use) AI to gain sustainable, competitive advantages for our businesses — to decrease costs, increase revenues, and/or delight customers. But one of these three results is actually the secret to successful AI. Our global shift to smart has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use AI to differentiate our businesses by disrupting our industries. How? By creating compelling conversational experiences. Our success (or failure!) in achieving our objectives with AI all comes down to being able to answer a single, critical question, “Do people want to talk to your AI?” Unified AI company UIB’s CMO Ken Herron shares why personality is what drives the success of your AI.


Top-ranked Postscapes, Global Data, Digital Scouting, and Onalytica global IoT leader and the fourth most-followed CMO on Twitter worldwide, Ken Herron is the Chief Marketing Officer of UIB Holdings Pte. Ltd. (UIB). He is based in the US. Prior to joining UIB, Ken co-founded software company...


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