Continuous Authentication & Behavioural Biometrics

  • TYPE: DATE: Monday, May 13, 2019 TIME: 19:00-19:10
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Logins and passwords are sooner or later lost or cracked.
How to provide security for end customers without making their journey difficult? AI is the answer.
Biometrics contains sensitive data such as fingerprints or retina information. They are unchanged and once they are lost - adversaries might utilise it to perform impersonation attacks.
Behavioural biometrics models mathematically the change that naturally occurs during our life.
Based on that we provide continuous authentication that protects against account takeovers, session takeovers for customers. 
It is important to underline that ethical data processing is a must in the time of GDPR and PSD2. Our approach to ethical data processing provides an additional layer of security without fears of acquiring sensitive data.

Key takeaways:
- Continuous authentication versus classical authentication
- Biometrics vs behavioural biometrics
- AI as an invisible factor of authentication


I am following the data as a VP of Innovation in Revelock (formerly buguroo). Behavioural biometrics, ethical data processing and continuous authentication is my current focus. I am a Security geek with a strong belief that changing the World to make it better is possible. I have...


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