Customer Data Protection

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Panel: With Great Personalization Comes Great Responsibility

For most brands (and almost all digital marketers) personalization is the key element for success; personal data is what fuels the campaign automation engine and provides knowledge that informs both strategy and tactics. The need for customer profile data is the most common driver for customer identity management, and most customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions aim to make registration and login as easy as possible. 

However, usability barriers in signup and account activation are no longer the main concern. No matter how good the experience, the most critical prerequisite today is trust. Last year, a poll of U.S. Internet users showed that 39 percent of users said it was “highly likely” or “guaranteed” that they would walk away from a business that requires them to provide highly- personal information, and a whopping 68 percent said that they’d like to see laws similar to GDPR enacted in the U.S. Apple just announced a new IdP service that by default does not share any data with businesses, putting consumers in the driver’s seat. No trust, no consent. No consent, no data, and with no data no personalization.

However, according to the same poll mentioned above, a third of Americans are still in favor of websites and mobile applications that use their data to provide personalized ads and experiences — as long as the business behind the site or app is protecting their data and using it responsibly.

How can brands still satisfy the need for personalization and at the same time react to the heightened caution that consumers and regulators require when handling personal data? The speaker will share insights into how CIAM can help to create trust through transparency, and why CIAM security and data protection are no longer only on top of the list for CISOs and CIOs, but for CMOs and CEOs alike.

Key takeaways:


• Learn how to use personalized, content-driven solutions that still adhere to regulatory and consumer expectations for privacy and control.
• Understand how to enable seamless customer experiences while providing the business with actionable customer insights.
• Learn to successfully grow a loyalty program using customer identity and access management.

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