Identity Management with Blockchain

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Some argue that blockchain and GDPR are fundamentally incompatible. LTO Networks' software architect Arnold Daniels will demonstrate that this is not the case. By incorporating privacy by design, blockchain can even help to meet the requirements set by data protection regulations.


Web developer with 18 years of experience. Shifting focus towards the blockchain. Fierce believer in open-source software. I'm not the guy you'll find at some Fortune 500 company. I love building things up from the ground. For all the companies and projects I've been involved in, I played an...


In spite of the best efforts of organizations, people still struggle to get good customer service over the phone and web. More often than not, the process is disjointed, time consuming, impersonal and aggravating. At the same time, the need for companies to be able to easily connect with their customers in fully personalized, secure and efficient ways has never been higher or more urgent.

At the core of this problem for both sides is the lack of trusted identity. The phone system and the internet were never designed with identity and trust in mind.

Imagine how different communicating would be if all parties are known and verified automatically without the need for passwords, codes, or time-consuming identity questions. Where you could interact directly with each customer in a highly secure and personal ways without having to rely on elaborate CRM integrations or complicated omni-channel systems.
This is the promise of a new set of blockchain based technologies and identity standards that are enabling a whole new way to connect and communicate with your customers.

Key takeaways:


• The phone system and the internet were never designed with identity and trust in mind. Blockchain allows us to add identity and trust back in.
• How we identify ourselves and connect is changing dramatically from something owned by companies or 3rd parties into something we personally own and control. Which means how we communicate will also change dramatically.
• Connections based on digital identities are unique and come with their own channel. This direct channel is the best channel yet.
• Companies gain access to this channel by adopting new business models based on letting their customers own their own identity and data.
• These new decentralized business models have benefits beyond the contact center and unlock new potentials for digital transformation.


Vic Cooper is a person who is passionate about building better contact centers. He has 20 years of experience as an architect, programmer and consultant working for a diverse set of large enterprises such as Sutter Health, Intuit, Peoplesoft/Oracle, Capella University. He is a proud member of...

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